J Dilla - Won’t Do (The Shining ‘06)

“One won’t do and two is not enough for me, no..” 

 ^you’d laugh if you really knew what this meant…

J Dilla, James Yancey, King of Beats, I dare say King of Hip Hop in my eyes.. He is a true idol to me and definitely is one of the reasons for my love for hip hop.. I can go on for hours and hours and write blogs about him 10x longer than the mini thesis that I have to submit for my final year of Uni.. (which is still incomplete). 

Off topic, The Shining is incredible, this is the second, official posthumous album that was released, it was three-quarters of the way of being complete after Yancey’s death and was finished off by a close friend Karriem Riggins, who was also a fellow Detroit artist.

 This track to me, was a near perfect song, sampled some classics; The Isley Brothers - Footsteps in the Dark, & Dick Hyman - Alfie very subtly in the background of the track, these two track were perfectly laced with Dilla’s beats, there was no way this song was going to be anything less than amazing.

Like I said, I can go on forever about any J Dilla track, but enough from me, just enjoy this track. For those of you’s who care to read my posts, you’d definitely expect me to post more of this legendary artist/producer’s track in time to come..

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